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  • 公司簡介 About Us

           新密市鑫金源模具有限公司是專業生產餅干模具的廠家,具有三十多年的做模具的經驗:公司位于新密市西開發區,距鄭州三十公里,交通便利,是餅干企業較可信任的合作伙伴。產品還出口到**中東市場 東南亞等國家。



            Xinmi City Xin Jin Yuan mould Co., Ltd. is a professional production of biscuit mold manufacturers, has thirty years of experience in mold: the company is located in the West Development Zone of Xinmi City, thirty kilometers away from Zhengzhou, convenient transportation, biscuits is the most trusted partner. Products are also exported to Russia, the Middle East market, Southeast Asia and other countries.

            Processing customized: all kinds of biscuits mold. Cookie biscuit, toughness of mold, mold, mold, the dumpling skin, snow cake mold mold chaos series food mold.

            I plant a variety of customized biscuits machine supporting products; peanut slicer, printing machine, egg machine, spray sugar machine, spreader, canvas, scraper, mesh belt, rubber roller and other products.

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